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about us

Dinh International is a full service global sourcing and trading company with an extensive network of factories relationship across Asia and North America.  We have over 20 years of combined experience in overseas sourcing, product design and prototype, factory vending, contracts, project management, quality control, product compliance, shipping, and importing into the US. 

As a US based company with international offices in Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong, Dinh International ensures our in-house staffs have the absolute control over all manufacturing projects big or small.   We're an expert in trading industries  that can truly give you the competitive edge in today's global economy.  


Our Mission

To support and enhance your business by maximizing supply chains while reducing costs, improving quality, shortening lead time, and manage all potential risks!

what our clients think about us

What our clients say about us

"Dinh International is a very reputable, reliable, cost efficient supplier.   Along with undeniable tenancity, Dinh International has been an absolute joy to work with.  In addition to being very thorough, Dinh International has always manges to find solutions to our sourcing needs."

Terri / Partner @ Halo Branded Solutions

"Ohio Steel had been looking, uncessfully, for a couple of years to outsource some production to Vietnam.  I was introdued to Dinh International, and within a couple of months we were on our way to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for factory visits in the greater Saigon area.  We toured several outstanding manufacturing companies and settled on a partner we still do business with today."

Bruce / GM @ Ohio Steel  Industries


Sourcing & Importing Solutions


Custom Display, Signage & Barware

custom display, signage and barware

Promotional Product Solutions

promotional products

Prototyping & Manufacturing


Supply Chain Consultant & Mgmt.


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Apparel, Textile & Accessories

apparel and textile

Bags, Shoes & Accessories

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POP Display & Signage

Display and Signage

Sports, Toys & Gifts

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Home, Lights & Construction

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Packaging & Office

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Metallurgy, Plastics & Rubber

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